This is a t-shirt featuring the red neon sign of the Indianhead Motel done in the Americana Mid Century style from the 1950's and part of the Classic Neon t-shirt collection










This is a metal ad for garages featuring an eagle and done in the mid=century Americana style
A daylight shoy of the classic mid-century Americana neon sign for the Indianhead Motel in Chippewa Falls, MI
This is an Indian motorcycle dealership sign featuring a native American Indian in a headress
This is a cover of the Indian bike company magazine from 1942 featuring a biker in a leather jacket cap and boots
This is a classic vintage foto of a woman motorcycle driver seated on an Indian bike in the 50's
A mid century americana garage sign for Tomahawk oil from the 50's or 40's
This is a classic piece of mid-century American car decoration based on a Pontiac Indian's mohican haircut and profile from 1951
A classic road trip shot of a highway running through Monamunt Valley
A typical mid century direction arrow with lights It is a classic Las vegas style neon light direction arrow

The great Charlie Feathers with Jody and Jerry rockin out their Rockabilly classic 'One Hand Loose' 45rpm vinyl single on the classic King label,1956

Cover of the Indian Motorcycle Company magazine from 1942

'Boo Hoo' by Marvin Rainwater with Link Wray on guitar, produced by Link, 'b' side of 'I Can't Forget', 1961

1951 Pontiac Streamliner hood ornament

Woman on an Indian Scout in the early 50's

Daylight shot of the Indianhead Motel  neon sign which although it is one of the greatest Americana roadside signs bears no sign manufacturer's badge and there is no info about who designed it...  1958