This is a classic cotton t=shirt featuring a design of the vintage Mid Century roadside sign for the Mesa Vista motel in Raton new mexico

Mesa Vista Motel

This is a New Mexico route 66 highway sign
A classic midcentury Americana big letter postcard
It's the vintage painted cover of a pulp novel based on the border with Mexico featuring a woman in typical rockabilly style clothes
A typical road trip photo from New Mexico
A shot of a mid-century wigwam theme motel with a classic car outside
This is the cover sleeve of the Rolling Stones 1964
A large letters greetings from mid century Americana retro postcard with modern cartoon style font
This is a 'large letter' vintage Americana postcard from the fifties with the typical 'greetings from Los Angeles' salutation
a roadside light arrow it is a direction arrow using a typical Americana midcentury roadside neon light
This is a pic of a pickup truck on a typical American west highway through a desert region